Abaya Clothing

So you have a presentation coming up or a play production or perhaps you’re a Muslim immigrant bringing their religion with them and you want to be able to buy your clothing the same as you did back home. After all, there aren’t really many places that sell the jilbab – so what’s an immigrant to do? How exactly do you go about retaining your religious beliefs while at the same time wearing the clothes that you always have?

First of all, there is the whole discussion as to what a jilbab is-after all, if you don’t know, it can be quite confusing. However, the term is more of a generalized thing. Kind of like hat is in any country-hat could mean anything from fedora to a beanie to a skullcap. The same goes for the jilbab-it could mean any type of head-covering for a Muslim woman.

JilbabsThis includes the

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