Seasonably Stylish

Can we please talk about neon?
This is probably the trend that most scares me this season. While it’s bright & refreshing for Spring/Summer, it’s also tricky. It’s really easy for it to look cheap, or for it to wash out your skin.
In this set, I tried to pick out items that I would consider wearing. The simplest way to incorporate neon into your wardrobe is with accessories! By adding one punch of neon you stay on trend without the risk. I especially love it in a clutch/bag, or shoes! If even those seem too much for you, try a bright belt or hat. The dress is especially fun, because the more traditional shape plays off the contrasting neon. I’m personally not in love with tight & bright neon, I think it cheapens the look, so a flowing maxi is perfect!
You’ll notice I didn’t really include jewelry…

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